BECKMAK™ Sanitizer Tower

Protect your employees and customers from dangerous viruses and bacteria by placing our BECKMAK™ SanitizerTower in a strategically important point with a non-contact spray dispenser. Our preparation BECKMAK™ Hand sanitizer is particularly suitable for the Use in dispensers that are triggered by a sensor switch and do not require any touch.

The BECKMAK™ Sanitizer Tower is not only practical, but it should also not optically impair your entrance area, which is why we decided on an elegant design and high-quality stainless steel. The column is 150 cm high and is ideal for the assembly of our BECKMAK™ Spray dispenser . With a weight of around 19 kg, it is also particularly stable and does not wobble.

Our BECKMAK™ Spray dispenser is made of high-quality ABS plastic with an infrared sensor for contactless triggering of the spraying process and a refillable 1000 ml container. One filling is sufficient for about 950 to 1000 spraying processes and is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. The dispenser can be operated conveniently with 4 type C batteries without the need for wiring. Alternatively, the dispenser can also be operated with a 230V adapter.

Item Details

Art. BHS150, BECKMAK™ Sanitizer Tower (without dispenser)
Art. A6388, BECKMAK™ Spray dispenser, non-contact
Art. 04914110412, VARTA ™ Longlife Power C, 2-piece blister

Delivery times

The delivery times for the BECKMAK™ Sanitizer Tower are as follows:
30.04.20: (sold out)
12.05.20: (sold out)
28.05.20: few available (pre-order necessary)